About Socialite

This application is a platform that connects people to others as well as activities based on personal interest. People may write personal stories to share them with friends, family and others. It allows users to record their daily activities and share their thoughts over various subjects via reviews and comments. Pictures, videos and locations can also be shared with updates to all registered social media platforms.

Socialite Features For Users

This interface allows users to connect with others as well as find things to do based on interests and common preferences. Users may:

  • Explore local locations based on interest
  • Write reviews for visited spaces and activities
  • Connect with others based on common interest.
  • Find out where you’ve been via auto-logs
  • Use and manage multiple social media platforms

Write A Story

Users will be able to write their stories about events and locations they have visited. These stories can help others decide if or not they want to have the same experience and can be shared with followers and over social media.

Some of the features of this section are:
  • Attach Pictures and Videos to the Story
  • Privacy Settings
  • Sharing

My Profile

The section will allow users to update their personal info and share it with their followers. It will offer others a sense of who the user is and will help users force social connections with likeminded individuals.

Followers/ Following

Users will be able to follow other users and view their stories. They will also be able to create their own following and get others to read about their stories and ideas. This will allow users to socialize with others share stories and remain updated on what is happening around them.

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